Divyanka Tripathi appreciates Ssharad Malhotra for taking a STAND for her!


“Thank You, this is the best parting gift ever” says Divyanka Tripathi..

Times have totally changed since the millions of fans used to love actors Ssharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi as a couple since their dating days from ‘Banoo Main Teri Dulhann.’

But about more than a year ago, the duo broke up and not just two, but many hearts were shattered. With the couple calling it quits, their fans also got split into two teams, where both the teams extended their loyalties for their respective actors. Both Ssharad and Divyanka have moved on in life where Divyanka went on to marry actor Vivek Dahiya recently and is living a happy married life.

However, recently the actress encountered something really unpleasant that forced her to contact her ex, Ssharad to make a note of the same and put in a public request.

Ssharad, being the gentleman he is, took note of Divyanka’s message and made a public appeal to his fans who have apparently been abusing and deterring Divyanka’s and her family’s image.

To know the full story, have a read at Ssharad’s post-

And Divyanka read the post and was quick to acknowledge the same, where she appreciated this gesture by Ssharad and took note to reply him-

Well, we just hope these fans can make peace with the fact that both the actors have moved on and are in a happy place in their respective lives.

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