Rajni to turn RAPPER ; Kuhu to be KIDNAPPED in ‘Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant’..!


Yo Yo Rajni Kant..!

The Kant family in ‘Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant’ recently escaped the massive bomb drama in the Janmashtami special episode. And while the family tries to overcome that incident, they are in for another ‘unanticipated’ surprise.

According to sources, the little Kuhu will soon be kidnapped by the Dugdugi baba (Daya Shanker Pandey). WHAAATT??

Yes! That’s right. Sweet Kuhu will be kidnapped by Dugdugi Baba and this wil get Shaan (Karan V Grover) wondering how to save Kuhu. But what does Dugdugi Baba actually want?

Well, he wants RAJNI.

Now that the Baba is aware that Rajni (Ridhima Pandit) is a robot machine, he would want to obtain her for his personal endeavours and earn money out of it too. And Kuhu will be the bait for the same; Shaan and Rajni will realize this only after having reached the spot.

And amidst all this, Rajni would also undergo a malfunction, where she would start repeating, ‘Command Command Command,’ And in no time, the adorable Rajni Kant would become RAPPER RAJNI..

Absolutely. Rajni will be sporting a hoodie and will do some beatboxing too. Now that is really cool!

Are you excited for this double treat on the show? Leave in your comments below..

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