Sajan to spill some ‘Dark Secrets’ in May I Come In Madam!


The track will bring Sajan into a never-seen-before fix!

The upcoming track of May I Come In Madam on Life OK will bring up a situation which will bring Sajan into a never-seen-before fix!

The show will witness how Sanjana will offer to play a game with Sajan when the lights go off due to load shedding. The game will include spilling out secrets about how they feel about each other without getting offended.

Sanjana and Sajan will play by the rules but soon Sajan will realize that Sanjana is getting offended everytime he expresses something. This goes against the rule of the game. However, when Sajan comes home, he will play the same game with the family.

The situation will get tensed when Sajan will come to face with the confessions by his wife that she had multiple affairs prior to her marriage with Sajan. An upset Sajan too will start spilling out some dark secrets about what he thinks about the family members leaving them miffed!

Stay tuned for more updates.

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