Shampa becomes Sita to solve case in Satyamev Jayate


A mysterious case is all set to keep you hooked to Aakash Aath’s Satyamev Jayate in the coming days!
And to investigate this case, Sreemoyee (Shampa Banerjee) will have to don the look of Sita.
Well, as per a reliable source, in the coming episodes, it will be shown that one of Sreemoyee’s colleagues, who had gone to a village for an assignment, will return after getting beaten up.
It will be observed that the particular village has no female child.and male infants.
So, why her colleague was beaten up and why do the children disappear?
Well, that is what Sreemoyee and her team would want to find out now.
They will arrive at the village in the disguise of a jatra (folk-theatre form of Bengali theatre) team. Donning the look of Sita, Sreemoyee will act and also investigate the case.
When we contacted Shampa for her comment on the track, she shared, “The story is about female foeticide and selling of male infants. My character will enter the village as a member of the jatra team to find out the truth.”
So, gear up for the track. It will start from Friday (16 December).

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