Vivek Dahiya’s akward moments on Kavach!


Shooting intimate scenes is always challenging! Especially when it’s a threesome!

Kavach Kaali Shaktiyon Se is one of the most awaited shows this year. The show revolves around a couple Rajbir and Paridhi. To bring a twist in their love story comes in Manjulika, a soul who died in vain and will do anything to get her one true love Rajbir.

Rajbir is sandwiched in between a girl who loves him and a soul who won’t let anyone get near him! Paridhi realises that she is the shield, the Kavach that will save Rajbir from the evil Manjulika.

In a conversation with India Forums, Vivek Dahiya who plays Rajbir confessed about the awkward intimate scenes he had to shoot. To add to the awkwardness, he had to shoot the scene with both Mona Singh and Mahek Chahal! Since this is Vivek’s first major role in a show and since he has been paired with actors like Mona and Mahek, he was being troubled by the fact that how will he match upto the actresses! He was a bit afraid at first but as shooting began he found both the actresses to be very friendly and they found common grounds to work on.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better star cast. At first I thought how I will cope up with Mona and Mahek. I had to shoot a very dramatic and intimate scene and that too with both of them. At first it was a bit awkward but as we began to shoot I realised that both Mona and Mahek are very sweet and friendly. Everything became smooth after that.” said Vivek.

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