Will Kailash agree to get Atharva and Vividha married in Jaana Na Dil Se Door?


Atharva and Vividha beg Kailash to accept their relationship…

We have seen how Kailash is not happy with Vividha’s (Shivani Surve) love commitment towards Atharva (Vikram Singh Chauhan).

Kailash is angry and does not seem to be in a good mood to talk to Vividha, but the latter has been consistently forcing him to open up by throwing instances about their relationship they shared in the past. This has made the entire family emotional.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Atharva and Vividha begging Kailash to accept their relationship by holding his feet. Atharva will be confessing his love for Vividha and will promise to keep her happy always.

Will Kailash agree to get Atharva and Vividha married? Let’s wait and watch!

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